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Find out where language can take you.

Are you learning other languages? Do you use the internet? Be part of the first group to try Vorto. It is a tool designed to help you read, translate and remember words in a foreign language.

What is Vorto

Don’t lose your flow

As you read native content in your target language, you may run into a word or phrase you don’t recognize. Maybe you keep reading without understanding some key information. Perhaps you copy the word, open a new tab, paste in a translator and lose your reading momentum.

With Vorto installed in your browser, you can highlight a word and the translation appears! Click the plus to save for later, the mic to hear the word spoken or just keep on reading.

Your vocab library is one tab away

Have you found yourself translating the same word over and over again? Without repeated exposure, you’re bound to forget an unfamiliar word. Vorto will save new words so you can commit them to memory and keep them top-of-mind.

Keep it top-of-mind

Adding flash cards or vocabulary-building to your busy routine is easier said than done. That’s why Vorto sneaks new vocabulary into every new tab you open in your browser. We even added imagery and some alternative translations to reinforce the meaning.

What are you waiting for?


Language News

Language Learning with Five Senses: Sight
29 Oct 2018
Language Learning with Five Senses: Sight
Yet again flying to Poland, I am surrounded by a language very different to my own. Consonants brush past my ear. I don’t have a chance to absorb their meaning. Opening the in-flight magazine, I see my native language peppered throughout the blocks of Polish text. My eyes savor the unfamiliar words at their own pace. I imagine the sounds, decipher the meaning and relate text to imagery. The pages awaken words that laid dormant and forge new connections.
Talk with your Hands
26 Sep 2018
Talk with your Hands
Do you love learning new languages but can’t gather the cash to travel abroad? Have a hard time speaking without moving your hands? Want to
Vorto – Sounds foreign… yet kind of familiar.
24 Sep 2018
Vorto – Sounds foreign… yet kind of familiar.
Wouldn’t it be great to have a universal second language that is easy to learn and can be used to communicate with millions of people a

Updates from the Vorto Team

Vorto Snap

Fall in love with flashcards

Use your iPhone camera to take photos of things around you.
Dreamy Filters
Add colorful filters to make your flashcards interesting and engaging.
Translate words automatically and to make flashcards with photos.
Take your flashcards with you and study anywhere.
Swipe cards
Once you have your cards ready, swipe left or right to dismiss and see the next phrase.